Is Your Keep Ready?

Maybe this should have been the first entry for this blog, but I wasn’t led that way. Today it seems right. What do I mean by The Keep? Honestly, the idea of a blog (given the amount of interest I encounter on this topic) has been bouncing around my mind for a while now. And even on those days where I would really come close to sitting down and pulling the trigger, there was one lingering issue. A name, a name, a name. I struggled with this for some time and repeatedly gave up. The name isn’t just for you readers, it’s for me as well. I don’t want to just inspire you but to feed my fire of inspiration too. After every preparedness presentation I do, there are numerous in-person and email conversations. They always inspire me. I always learn from my audience. It drives me to continue. Hopefully I do the same for them as well. Point being, I wanted a name that would be a  call to action. Hence The Keep. Once it popped into my head, there was no getting it out. And now here we are.

So…what does it mean? In my mind I was originally thinking of a castle keep, which to me is the last stronghold within the castle. This would be the place for the last stand. The keep is where you would retreat to when it got so bad that hunkering down and burrowing in would be the only avenue left. It would be your option of last resort. And you would keep it stocked and prepared for such an event, just in case. I can just hear that old score from the Robin Hood movie from when I was a kid (Kevin Costner version?) Anyway, go Google “Keep” and give it a read. It’s interesting and hopefully you will hear your own music.

But just so you know Webster’s Dictionary gives us the following:

KeepVerb – To protect, guard, to preserve, to provide for support, to maintain a specified state or action etc., to hold for the future, to hold and not let go, to continue, to go on        (the music is getting even louder!)

Noun – care or custody, food and shelter; support, the inner stronghold of a castle       (crescendo!)

And that’s it. That’s the story. Are you ready? Is your keep ready? If not, are you ready to get there? My keep isn’t perfect, but it exists. It is growing and with every step I take closer to preparedness, my peace and confidence grow as well. It feels good to be unafraid and ready.

2 responses to “Is Your Keep Ready?

  • James

    I did not know keep was a noun. I learned something. 🙂

  • JoeCOOP

    As part of keeping the Keep, its important to understand the power of fire against it. Here is an important item on flash over in your home.

    Flashover is the point in which everything in your home catches fire — no one can survive. In these two videos, see how quickly flashover can occur and how it can be prevented.

    Home fire sprinklers save lives and property from fire. They act before the fire department is even notified. This video, produced by the National Fire Protection Association, shows vividly what happens while a house is burning and the local fire department is on its way.

    See Flashover: from the National Fire Protection Association.

    In 1986, NFPA created the award winning video – Fire Power – which takes a firsthand look at the deadly dynamics of fire from ignition to full room involvement. At every twist and turn of the video, viewers get a bird’s-eye view of fire’s path of destruction and are astonished at how rapidly smoke and flames from a small fire envelop a home, making escape virtually impossible. Much has changed since Fire Power was produced. What has not changed is the awesome power of fire. For the 25th anniversary, NFPA revisits a few of the original scenes with the original narrator, Boston news reporter Jack Harper, to talk about the dramatic footage and the role home fire sprinklers play in saving lives and property.

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