Don’t forget! (1)

I’ve decided to add a new type of post. When something random but important (in my mind) pops into my head, I’m going to make a quick post entitled “Don’t Forget!”. It will be short, sweet and hopefully contain a great tip. So here goes the first “Don’t Forget!”

Don’t forget to purchase and store away a traditional thermometer. This would be the old school glass variety. Meaning, no batteries required and hella reliable. Try and get one that comes in a protective case. I would recommend including this in your shelter in place items. Consider that most of us these days have the fancy digital versions of some type (under the tongue, inside the ear, or over the forehead) however, what about when those little batteries die? We’ve had a post previously regarding medical supplies, but one of the first steps for lots of illnesses is taking someone’s temperature. So, get yourself a good old fashion version that will always be reliable and never need batteries!

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