Fuzzy Wuzzy – And Other Creature Comforts

We talk a lot about having what you need for emergency preparedness. Have you ever given any consideration to what you want? I realize before I even get going that lots of folks will either not agree with this post or think that it is largely unuseful; however, I’m gonna have to disagree.

I, as is evident from previous posts, think its imperative to be sure that you have prepared by stocking up on those things that you absolutely need to survive. But I also think that once you have a good piece of those things addressed, you should stop to ask yourself if there are any creature comforts that you might also want to include. This may seem ridiculous, but let’s consider the psychology of the situation. If you have had to flee your home to take refuge in a shelter, or if you are wondering on foot for miles a day in search of a new “home”, if you are in the middle of an event so catastrophic that you are actually surviving off of your preparedness supplies, then you are quite frankly in the thick of it. You’re world has been changed, maybe temporarily, maybe forever.

If you are like me, seriously opposed to change, this is not going to be a cake walk for you emotionally just because you have a heap load of preparedness supplies and are actually going to live…for a while at least :-).  This is going to be gut wrenching and seriously difficult to even process. So, what can you do to try to make your survival supplies actually help with all this emotional junk? I teach this kind of stuff regarding how to handle children and preparedness, but I think we as adults need to think about ourselves a little too. Consider some of life’s more trivial creature comforts that help you be the person you are. I’m looking for the cheap, simple, small stuff. These are things that won’t break the bank to buy and hold in reserve or break your back to haul around in your go-kit. Some examples from my perspective would be:

  • Razors: Dear God, please let me be able to continue to shave! No chic wants to rock the fuzzy wuzzy legs!
  • Pictures: A favorite family photo of a good memory (vacation, birthday, etc.)
  • Excedrin: Because let’s face it, Tylenol is not going to do the trick for my stress headache in the event of catastrophic emergencies.
  • Favorite magazine or book: Something to take your mind off of the reality you find yourself in.
  • Toothpicks: Maybe its your worst nightmare to have something stuck in your teeth.
  •  Deck of cards: Some form of entertainment.
  • Favorite candy: Do you need chocolate to survive life in general?

I could go on and on. Me personally, I’d be hard pressed to choose between the razor and the excedrin. I need to be headache free…but I’d like to continue to be a girly girl on some level :-). My husband would most likely go for the magazine. My boys would appreciate a stuffed animal or an action figure. For some folks these things would seem ridiculous, if that’s the case, then I simply haven’t hit on “your thing”. But think it over, you must have something. This would be something that would remind you of your old routine, it would be something that however simple would make you feel better, even a little. It would be a piece of your old life, before the event. I could be the difference in a transition into true survival life and just slamming into it full force.

Ever seen the movie Stand By Me? Remember when the boys were talking late into the night over the fire and the question was asked “what if you could only have one food for the rest of your life?” The answer came back, “That’s easy, cherry flavored Pez. No question about it.” (Trailer with that line in it below 🙂 Happens a minute and 15 seconds in.)

I love that scene. I love that he knew, without thinking what it would be that could keep him happy forever. Can’t say that I’d have gone with cherry, but hey to each his own.

I’d like for everyone to consider that type of simplicity with this question. “What’s the one (simple, compact, and cheap) creature comfort you would pack?” Maybe it will seem simple or ridiculous to someone else, but this item will be just for you.

2 responses to “Fuzzy Wuzzy – And Other Creature Comforts

  • David

    Great post. Anybody who ever goes overseas for a couple weeks or more finds out exactly what that item is. When I was in Kazakhstan, it was as simple as an ice cold Mountain Dew. Although, drinkable tap water would have been good too. When we lived in Hawaii it was a decent burrito.

  • SA

    A supply of good bourbon! I only drink it a few times a year but I like to have it on hand, It’s multipurpose!

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