Not Without Permission

Ask my daddy, I never did do too well with  the whole concept of “ya gotta get permission”. But having reached adulthood, I’ve come to accept that some things, even for adults, require permission. And one such thing is leaving this country to visit another.

Now I realize that the general premise behind this blog is preparing to survive anything here at my home or on the run because for whatever reason my home is no longer viable, but what if my “home” is no longer viable. And by this latter version of “home”, I mean my country. Don’t freak out, I love this country. Heck, I’ve been working for it basically all of my professional life. My daddy, brother and husband all served in the military. I tear up at each and every iteration of the Star Spangled Banner and the American flag is dag gum beautiful. So let’s not mistake this as taking aim at my blessed country.

Having said that, I”ve come to love and cherish my freedom. I enjoy all kinds of freedom as an American that others around the world just don’t have. However, some of that freedom expires right as I approach the border of this great country…if I don’t have a passport. You’ve heard of these papers, yes? Now, do you have them? If you don’t, get some. Because quite frankly, you never know. And isn’t that what being a preparedness guru is all about? I’ve never purported that I have one specific prediction of what might befall our family and cause us to have to be prepared. I consider all hazards. I consider the what ifs. And the what ifs tell me that I should consider “what if we need to leave the country?”

You’re going to need a passport. Your spouse, children, parents, anyone you are preparing on behalf of, needs a passport. Get one. Get one for everyone you would want to take with you. This isn’t permanent country abandonment. I’m an American until the day I die. No matter what happens here, or if I ever had to flee, I am still a born and bred American and for better or worse stinking proud to be one :-).  But as my first sentence reflects, it doesn’t sit well with me to be restricted. And without a passport, you are restricted.

Getting a passport isn’t an overnight thing. Renewing a passport is not an overnight thing. It’s a process and for minors, it’s really a process. Think getting any action from the Department of Motor Vehicles is hard? Then try to get a passport for a minor. Even worse, try to get a passport for a minor child if you aren’t, shall we say, on good terms with their other parent. Even if you have full custody of your child, you cannot get a passport for said child without the presence/consent of the other parent.

Check out this link for the actions required to obtain a passport for a minor:

Anyway, this may touch a nerve with some, but for me it’s about options. And if I happen to want/need to leave this country for any amount of time, I’d like to have the ability to do so, at the drop of a hat. Get passports for your entire family and renew them accordingly.

2 responses to “Not Without Permission

  • Joseph Travers

    Thanks again for another great thinking post. I also believe that as prevalent as false identification is in this country, the passport maybe needed to prove that you are from here. That you belong and can travel through an area. As you pointed out, the effort to apply and receive a valid passport adds a level of authentication that we miss in a simply state driver’s license, social security card or even a birth certificate.

  • JoeCOOP

    My sons shared this link with me and I found it a great source of gear and information. There is the free side of the site which is very good and a membership side that offers discounts on gear, technical advice and preparedness information. I hope you find it useful.

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