Nature’s Safe Deposit Box

I think we all see the rationale behind the use of a safe deposit box. However, I think most preppers find a fundamental flaw in the thought of safe deposit box usage during a catastrophic event. I certainly don’t expect a run on banks to result in easy access to go pick up the contents of my safe deposit box. I certainly believe that there are circumstances that could result in difficulty obtaining access to my safe deposit boxes.

Do you have anything that you don’t want to store in your home? Anything that you don’t want in your go-kit? Do you have a remote site you are planning to relocate to in the event of something catastrophic? If so, are there things you would like to preposition there? If that site is so far that frequent visits aren’t possible, or if it is uninhabited, then just dropping off your very expensive prepper supplies isn’t something that makes you comfortable.

Would you ever consider burying anything? Ever consider God’s good earth as nature’s safe deposit box? Some people have gone this route. It is an option. Actually, there are lots of options regarding products designed just for burying your prepper treasure. In support of full transparency, I have not tried this tactic…but I sure am thinking about it. A quick interweb search will throw lots of different products your way. Try searching “emergency burial canisters”.

My concerns would include the following:

  • moisture – are they waterproof? even if they are, consider adding some silica packs
  • prying neighbors etc. – can you reasonably get them buried without everyone on the block noticing? (Hopefully you are blessed with a parcel of land all you own, then this is not a concern for you…and I’m jealous! 🙂 ) But if you do have neighbors, you can’t just bury your prepper stuff right in plain view.
  • treasure mapping – because, seriously…how would you feel burying your most precious prepper treasure and then later having no idea where the heck you put it?

So what do you think? Will you consider burying any of your prepper parcels? Have you tried any type of product designed to facilitate nature’s safe deposit box? Have any other ideas, concerns, or suggestions? Or…shall we go digging?

3 responses to “Nature’s Safe Deposit Box

  • David

    Just remember that in the event of a solar event or nuclear EMP, your GPS is going to be toast, so back up the GPS coordinates with good old fashion orientering by measuring distance from a known permanent landmark.

    If your bug-out location is more than one gas tank distance away, you may want to consider a hidden fuel tank somewhere on the way to get you the rest of the distance, although fuel does go bad without adding a fuel stabilizer.

    Another great idea is to position additional ammunition and food near your favorite hunting area so that in an emergency you could stay out in the field longer, if needed.

  • SA

    I think using a SDB as a cache for papers and whatnot is o.k., but I just wouldn’t put all of my eggs in one basket. I have often thought about what I’m going to do if I ever accumulate a large amount of silver or gold, and I think more than one SDB at local banks (read: no mega corp banks) is probably a good idea. After having read a lot about what happened with SDB’s in the past I think we might be able to pick out clues that something was coming down the pike and visit the bank ahead of time, but that is certainly a calculated risk.

    I have also entertained the idea of burying some PM’s along with small stores of ammo in various locations that don’t include my yard. I can’t stress the “permanent landmark” point David made enough, spending a lot of time out in the woods I can imagine that it would be very easy to become confused if you choose a spot that does not have distinctive features. Another big thing to consider is water, I would avoid low ground in general, and especially places too close to bodies of water, whether it’s a bayou, pond, whatever.

    I would also add that even putting fuel stabilizer in a cache of gasoline, it won’t last very long, maybe a couple of years at best, with the ethanol in gas nowadays I’m not sure if it would last that long. And you won’t know if it’s still good until you try to use it. I suppose the answer to that is you’d have to cycle it periodically. On the other hand, diesel will store much longer as long as you keep water out of it, maybe 5-10 years with an additive.

  • keepbuilder

    Agreed! It’s all about options. As preppers we have got to consider all the options available to us. SDB and more. Also, don’t forget if your relocation site is anywhere near a trusted friend or family member (and I maintain, when possible it should be) then they are also valve “keepers of the stash”!

    As always, thanks for the imput guys. Much love!

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