Doomsday Bill

 Did you hear the buzz about the Wyoming “Doomsday Bill”? Seems that the governing folks in Wyoming created House Bill 85. It would have essentially created a government task force whose purpose would be to investigate how the state would be effected by a variety of crisis situations. The law even mentioned things such as looking into alternate currency should we lose the dollar. The bill was sponsored by Republican state Rep. David Miller, and as you can see by my use of the past tense, it didn’t pass.

I think the thing to notice here is that things have progressed to the point where even our state governments are acknowledging by their actions, things are not going well. And more importantly, the Federal Government is not necessarily going to have the ability to come in and provide some sweeping rescue operation to save states from a widespread event. And even further, the states don’t necessarily have a plan to come rescue you either.

I just think that if you look around at the mental climate regarding preparedness, things are changing. The tide is turning. We, preppers, have started to achieve enough notoriety to be mentioned in proposed state legislation and have our own reality show. Yes, I know the shore at Jersey has one too! :-). Maybe achieving a reality show is as easy as falling off a log, but you get my point. This is a clue. If you still have friends or loved ones who are hold outs, it’s not just you against them anymore. Its us! There are lots of us. We are multiplying like rabbits, and thank God for it. As this type of thinking becomes more mainstream, those of us who have been unable to convince “our people” to join us should be able to leverage the recent surge in popularity to continue to motivate folks.

Yes, there will still be those who ridicule and judge, but in what instance in life isn’t there? Things may not have panned out for the Wyoming Doomsday Bill, but don’t let that stop you from taking heart. Folks are noticing. They are noticing the same things we notice. Our once stable country is playing with fire when it comes to spending and it has been for a long, long time. Regardless of whose right about the future of our nation, there’s still mother nature to consider. She’s been stretching the limits of what we expect from her as well. I say, keep your chin up and continue to plan to reach your preparedness goals.

2 responses to “Doomsday Bill

  • David

    Glad to see you’re back at the blog after being out sick. Hope you finish up getting well soon!

    By the way, I’m really enjoying Doomsday Bunkers! They don’t goof on people like the NatGeo show.

  • S.A.

    Doomsday Bill? Yeah I know that guy!

    Anyway personally I think it’s crazy for states to *not* have contingency plans. Look at what happened during Katrina. Mass chaos and panic. Lots and lots of people who just sat around waiting for help that never came. Of course it didn’t help that we had Mayor Ray “No we don’t need those buses” Nagin and good old Governor Blank-O in office but I digress.

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