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Don’t Forget (3)

Many of us are required at work to wear a lanyard at work in order to display our access badges or credentials. I would like to strongly recommend that you consider attaching a whistle to your lanyard. If you don’t have to wear a lanyard, consider adding a whistle to your key chain.  If you are ever in an emergency situation where you need to be heard over the deafening sound of a storm, rushing water, or an alarm, a whistle can mean the difference in life or death. A whistle can reach pitches that are noticeable where your screaming voice can simply be drowned out by those other sounds.

In addition, if you are ever trapped in a building where your chest may be compressed beneath a pylon or if you are in a location where oxygen is sparse, a whistle can be instrumental in your rescue. It takes an exorbitant amount of air and energy to scream for help. A whistle will not rob you of either.

You can spend as little as $1.00 or as much as $5.00. You can get your basic cheap plastic whistle, a metal “coach” version, or one that is tested to withstand a specific PSI (pounds per square inch). It depends on your budget. Or if you’re like me, you get a headache if your lanyard gets to heavy around your neck, so you can’t tolerate anything too big. Either way, something is better than nothing.

A whistle is also a great gift or stocking stuffer for wee ones. Consider putting one on their backpacks and explaining to them how they would be used. If they are at school or on the school bus for, God forbid, an accident, it would serve the same purpose for them as well.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

The following post references the previous post entitled Preparedness Periodicals (and a Contest to Boot):

Well…there were only two entries. Which at face value would seem to be disappointing. Not true though, because they were wonderful. They were both heartfelt and inspiring. And inspiration to prepare is what this blog is all about. Thank you both for your entries, for the time that you put into them, and for sharing your very personal stories with the world. My cup runneth over.  🙂

So…how should I choose between you two? I’ve been considering this for days. But let’s be honest I can’t, so I won’t. If I had many entries, I could never afford to award prizes to everyone, but there weren’t many. There were two. And two, I can do. So I will. You guys let me know your preference and very soon your preparedness periodicals will periodically show up at your door.

Your support with this endeavour has been unending and so is my gratitude.