Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

The following post references the previous post entitled Preparedness Periodicals (and a Contest to Boot):

Well…there were only two entries. Which at face value would seem to be disappointing. Not true though, because they were wonderful. They were both heartfelt and inspiring. And inspiration to prepare is what this blog is all about. Thank you both for your entries, for the time that you put into them, and for sharing your very personal stories with the world. My cup runneth over.  🙂

So…how should I choose between you two? I’ve been considering this for days. But let’s be honest I can’t, so I won’t. If I had many entries, I could never afford to award prizes to everyone, but there weren’t many. There were two. And two, I can do. So I will. You guys let me know your preference and very soon your preparedness periodicals will periodically show up at your door.

Your support with this endeavour has been unending and so is my gratitude.


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